Saturday, April 1, 2017

More Bandits!

I added some minis to my bandits. A Reaper Miniatures bandit captain, a Otherworld female barbarian and two old GW bretonians as youngsters. A merry bunch it tuned out to be.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Treasure Tokens

The treasure tokens for Frostgrave are finished. Its a mix of Games Workshop, Mantic and Tiny Tales treasure chests.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Frostgrave Warband - Part Deux

I finally finished my own Frostgrave Warband.  This motley crew consist of Games Workshop and Fireforge minis. Here and there some North Star bits. Oh, and the Warhound is from Bombshell Miniatures and is the only metal mini in my Warband.

Wizard and Apprentice

 Templar and Adventurer

 Barbarian and Marksman

 Apothecary and Knight

Tracker, Warhound and Ranger

Soldiers and Men-at-Arms

Thiefs and Thugs

Archers and Crossbowmen

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Frostgrave Warband

I painted up a small Frostgrave warband as a birthday present for a friend. He quit tabletop gaming years ago and I'm trying to get him back in. Its a mix of North Star Frostgrave soldiers and some GW and Fireforge stuff from my bits box. I didn't have an apothecary so he will have to proxy him if necessary. Now I'll have to work on my own warband.

 Wizard and Apprentice

 Barbarian and Marksman

 Knight and Templar

 Ranger, Tracker and War Hound

Infantrymen and Men-at-Arms

Thieves, Thugs and Treasure Hunters

 Crossbowmen and Archers


Monday, October 5, 2015

Sleepy Buddha

I was shopping in some arts & crafts stores and found this lovely Buddha box. Perfect for a small terrain piece. I also bought some wooden round bases and air drying modelling clay. On Amazon I found this make-it-yourself trees made by HEKI (10 18cm tall trees + foliage for 14€).

First I bevelled and sanded the base. Then I glued the Buddha, the base of the tree and some stones on the base. After that I applied the clay.

Whilst the clay was still soft, I glued some roots made out of small  twigs on the base of the tree and pressed them gently in the clay. Then I sealed them with white glue.

While the clay was drying I prepared the tree. I bend it into shape and glued some foliage on it. Then I soaked it with a mix of white glue and water and let it dry over night. Lastly I painted the trunk.

After the clay dried I covered the base with white glue and applied some sand.

Now some painting. I painted the Buddha dark grey and dry brushed him light grey. After that I gave him a brown and a green wash. In a final step I dry brushed him with bonewhite. The earth is just painted brown and dry brushed beige.

After that I applied different flocks and teas (black, green, peppermint and nettle) on the base.

Finally I applied clump foliage, grass tufts, some bushes (which are made from this plastic grass matt thingys) and the tree.

There it is.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


The two females are made by Hasslefree Miniatures and the males are made by Games Workshop.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Edo Era Town Houses

Well, I had a painting blockade but I wasn't idle in this time. I was tinkering on a little terrain project. An edo era postal town. The project isn't finish yet but I felt like posting the town houses I have finished so far. They are made from plastic, coffee sticks and paper (the doors and windows).

Here is a WIP picture. You can see the main body is a plastic construction with the glued on wooden parts. The roof planks were made from balsa wood at first but I wasn't satisfied with the result and made them from coffee sticks instead.

This one isn't finished obviously. The tiled roof is made from textured plastic card from the architectural supplies store. 

The two storey houses are not made from plastic like the two smaller ones. I stumbled across this wooden boxes in a 1€ store. I knew immediately that they were perfect for this project and bought all of them. The roofs are still made of plastic.

BTW: Big shout out to Jimbibbly's blog. His work is a true inspiration.