Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Napoleonic Naval Landing Party

To add some variety to my napoleonic british army, I decided to go the naval way. When the Royal Navy had to participate in operations on land, they naturally sent the Marines. These were usually accompanied by seemen. Most people think of cutlass swinging scurvy dogs when they hear of seamen. But I wanted to go in a different direction with these.

I decided to give them a more or less "uniform" appearence. Dressed in their blue jackets, black hats and armed with muskets (seamen were trained as infantry and good marksmen).

The base for the conversion is a Victrix infantryman. I removed the details of his uniform coat with a hobby knive and sculpted the jacket, buttons, blanket roll etc. with green stuff. The top hat is made from plasticard and the top of a stovepipe shako from the Victrix set.

The heads are from differrent plastic sets

The straw hats are from the Perry acw set

Thats the look I wanted


  1. Very effective conversions. I'd been wondering how to do their hats myself, I never thought of plasticard. How did you get the card to curve upwards and stay like that?


  2. Hi Adam,

    I fixed the plasticard with plactic glue. I use Revel contacta(the one that comes with the tiny brush). Just a thin coat.

  3. Thanks for the tip. They really are superb conversions.