Monday, January 10, 2011

Wild Men of Dunland

Number Four
This will be the last one

I finished him before christmas but had no time to post him .

Happy New Year! BTW :P


  1. These are terrific... I like how you have humanized the wildmen more than typically shown. It has always puzzled me as to how organised Dunland is to attack and do most of the damage to Rohan villages and outposts but yet the movies show them much more primitive (and wild ) than they probably should be. IMO. Although then again they are supposd to be related to the "woses" or wild men of the white mountains in some way?? so I could be wrong.. they could be even more primitive?

    1. Thanks! I assume they are „Wildmen“ because they are either not descended from the Edain (Nearly everybody is a Wildman in this regard, even the Rohirim and most peoples of Gondor) or they are considered wild because of their living circumstances. They were after all expelled from their native land and forced to live in an unhospitable mountain area. The people of Bree are in some way related to them.