Sunday, March 13, 2011

Army Painter Anti Shine

Everybody who varnishes his miniatures knows how frustrating it is when something goes wrong and your mini turnes out all shiny.

I heard many good things about Army Painters Anti Shine, a product that was designed to dull down the heavy gloss of Army Painter Quick Shade products.

The results are quit amazing. The first minis I used it on were previously varnished with Vallejos "Matt" varnish. I placed the matt in quotation marks because this product rarely turned out matt for me.

The left picture shows the miniature with Vallejos varnish, the right one with Anti Shine. I think the result speaks for itself.

I used Anti Shine on about 100 miniatures and over 90% of them turned out superb. On some of them the spray dried a little bit uneven and had a slightly crystalline apperence. Only noticeable from a close distance. I guess this result has something to do with the low and fluctuating temperatures we had here.

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