Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Agatha Fox, Female Spy

 I've been exhausted these last few days from painting napoleonics. To get me back to my painting table I had to do something different. Thank Jingo there is Reaper miniatures and their Chronoscope Range.

This gorgeous little mini is called Agatha Fox, Female Spy.
The pose is very clever. Very innocent looking in the front but if you look behind her you realize she's plotting to do some dirty spy business. Clothing wise the mini ist very simple. Coat, boots and handbag. I painted her bag as a Louis Vuitton and hope the coat looks like a Burberry one (Hey, an international woman of mystery has to travel in style). The white boots are an homage to the swinging sixties.
I painted her hair red ... well... because I dig redheads.


  1. Some lovely painting there, great job!
    Any hints which colours you've used for the red hair? Quite like it.


  2. Thanks.

    60% bloody red + 40% beasty brown as base colour. Add khaki into the mix and highlight the hair in two steps. I'm using Vallejo Game Color btw