Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Napoleonic Swiss Infantry

Yesterday I got mail from GMB design. I ordered some flags. Now I could finish my Swiss Infantry. The painting and basing was completed last month. Only the flag was missing.

This was a fun unit to paint. In my opinion the french uniforms look much better in red than in blue.
The minis are Perry Miniatures (plus one Victrix officer). I didn't use the minis in greatcoats to give the unit a more uniform look. I think this underlines the professionalism and soldierlike character of the swiss. I also did some headswaps to give them more variety.

If you need some historical flags, check out: http://www.gmbdesigns.com/


  1. Lovely work! Very crisp and clean style.


  2. Christopher, you took my words. Precisely what i wanted to write. Good work indeed