Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ii Clan Samurai

Here are some Perry Samurai that I painted least year. The red armor of the Li Clan Ii Clan is something that must have looked very striking on the battlefield. It sure does on miniatures. I wish I had the time or patience to paint a whole army of them. 


  1. Very well done! I love the red, can you share the recipe?


    Jose A.

  2. Thanks Jose

    I'm using Vallejo Game Colors. I'm mixing with the eye, so the percentage is roughly estimated

    Basecoat: 70% Scarlett Red + 30% Bloody Red
    1st Highlight: 40% Scarlett Red + 60% Bloody Red
    2nd Highlight 100% Bloody Red

    I painted the Banners a bit lighter

    Basecoat: 50% Scarlett Red + 50% Bloody Red
    1st Highlight: 20% Scarlett Red + 80% Bloody Red
    2nd Highlight 100% Bloody Red
    3rh Highlight 80% Bloody Red + 20% Gold Yellow

  3. Hi Brush Guy,

    I stumble upon your website and love your clean work. It is my favorite style. I added your blog to my favorite!

    Perry Samurai truly is high quality stuff.

    I do, have something to point out. the clan is "Ii" (井伊氏) not "Li". The "I" means "water well" thus the yellow kanji on the banner.

    Here's further reading:

    I hope you do not take offense and rather find this helpful.

    Best regards,

    Ben AKA VS

  4. No offense taken. I somehow always read this as a 'L'.