Saturday, April 14, 2012

Confederate Infantry Brigade

Although I haven't updated on my American Civil War project in months, I did manage to make some progress.

I finished 4 battalions of infantry! Enough to call it a Brigade. And believe me this is a lot for my lazy arse.
Three "generic" infantry battalions and one batallion of Coppens' Zouaves (First Louisiana Zouaves)

The greys are a mix of Perry plastic and metal miniatiures. The zouaves are straight from the box Perry plastics.

The Flags are from Perry and GMB Design

Cragback and Lug

 These two Minions are the first Privateer Press Miniatures I have painted. I love Lug the armored bear.
He is cast in white metal and very heavy. It's not surprising that they were quite expensive.
Cragback is some kind of dwarf and wears the cubs of his best friend as clothing....


Brun Cragback