Saturday, April 14, 2012

Confederate Infantry Brigade

Although I haven't updated on my American Civil War project in months, I did manage to make some progress.

I finished 4 battalions of infantry! Enough to call it a Brigade. And believe me this is a lot for my lazy arse.
Three "generic" infantry battalions and one batallion of Coppens' Zouaves (First Louisiana Zouaves)

The greys are a mix of Perry plastic and metal miniatiures. The zouaves are straight from the box Perry plastics.

The Flags are from Perry and GMB Design


  1. Can I ask you the color receipe for the confederates uniforms and for the blue jeans?

  2. Sorry I totally overlooked your comments.

    The grey for most of them was a mix of Vallejo Stonewall Grey and Black (basecolor 80% Grey + 20% Black, 1st highlight 90% Grey + 10% Black, 2nd highlight 95% Grey + 5% Black)

    The other greys are either mixes of Vallejo Black, Khaki and Off White or Sombre Grey, Black and Off White. I can't give you concrete propotions because I intended a great variations in the tone.

    The blue is a mix of Night Blue, Bonewhite and Off White(basecolor 60% Night Blue+ 30% Bonewhite + 10% Off White, 1st highlight 60% Night Blue+ 40% Off White, 2nd highlight 40% Night Blue+ 60% Off White)

  3. Great job ! Yours zouaves are fantastics !