Wednesday, May 30, 2012

British Special Forces

 Some more Empress Brits finished...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

British Special Forces

Today's post is a venture into a new epoch. Modern warfare. This minis are from Empress Miniatures' Modern Combat range. The sculpting and especially the casting is some of the best work I have ever seen. Painting them was great fun. The few pictures of British SF in the current Afghanistan conflict show a wild mix of uniforms and civilian clothing. This gives you countless possibilities to paint them up. Besides SF, they could be used as mercenaries, contractors or even zombie survivors.

Empress makes also British regulars, American infantry and special forces, Taliban and more. If you are interested in modern stuff then check them out!

More to come soon.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Okko - Oni Bushi

 This mini is a fantastic looking japanese demon made by Hazgaard Editions for the Okko board game. Okko is a french comic book that takes place in Pajan , a fantasy version of medieval Japan. The game is played with cardboard cutouts but at some point an additional range of metal miniatures was released. Sadly the range is very small and I'm not sure if they are even still in production. I bought some minis last year and started painting them recently. The minis are sculpted and cast very well. Most of them are multi-part miniatures and need to be build together, which can be quite fiddly because of the very fragile nature of them.

Here is a comparison between the Okko mini and a Reaper samurai

Friday, May 4, 2012

Three Doctors

 Hallo! Today I'm dumping here some Doctor Who miniatures. They are made by Heresy Miniatures. This are lovely sculpts and capture the characters very well. My favorite minis are the eleventh Doctor and his companion Amy Pond. The painting turned out a bit sloppy and for some reason very glossy. I even considered to strip and repaint them. But I'll leave them as they are (for now).


 Have a nice Weekend!