Sunday, July 1, 2012

American Special Forces

 In the early years of the war in Afghanistan, some of the most fascinating images that emerged were the pictures the battle hardened, bearded American special forces. This Empress minis capture that Hobo look perfectly. My only beef with them is that Empress only released four of them. I want more!


  1. Nice models, and top paintwork too

  2. Hi Funkybrush,

    Very precise painting and clean. My favorite kind of style!

    Excellent brush work!


  3. Really fantastic models, astonishing painting technique, very effective. One question, what colour palette did you use for the "desert 3 colours" BDU?


  4. Thanks guys.

    The BDU is simply Vallajo Game Color Khaki as base, then mixed with White for the highlights. A mix of Khaki with cayman green for the light olive color (ad more khaki for the highlights). And a mix of beasty brown and charred brown for for the stripes.