Monday, March 11, 2013

First look at Bac Ninh Miniatures

One of my New Year's resolution this year was to buy more miniatures from small companies and support them. With the help of sculptor Paul Hicks many of this enterprises came up with stunning looking minis and interesting topics. One of the newest is Bac Ninh Miniatures.

Bac Ninh Miniatures chose a very unusual and exotic historical subject. The Boshin War 1868-69. My interest for this Japanes Civil War was recently fueled by movies like the When The Last Sword Is Drawn and the video game Total War: Fall Of The Samurai. I thought that this would make fun miniatures but I didn't have high hopes that somebody would actually make some. So you can imagine how surprised I was when BaNiMi announced their range. I immediately ordered the first release, the Officers and NCOs.

Sculpting and casting is very good. There is a little bit flash and the weapons need to be bend to the right position but I have seen much worse from big manufacturers. They scale up nicely with Perry miniatures so that the ranges can be mixed if wanted. Overall I'm more than satisfied with this first release and will order the next too. If you are interested please check out Bac Ninh Miniatures and support the small miniature conpanies that make our hobby so great!

Here is a snapshot of the Officers and NCOs (Sorry, I had no black ink)

 A comparison between Perry and BaNiMi