Monday, October 5, 2015

Sleepy Buddha

I was shopping in some arts & crafts stores and found this lovely Buddha box. Perfect for a small terrain piece. I also bought some wooden round bases and air drying modelling clay. On Amazon I found this make-it-yourself trees made by HEKI (10 18cm tall trees + foliage for 14€).

First I bevelled and sanded the base. Then I glued the Buddha, the base of the tree and some stones on the base. After that I applied the clay.

Whilst the clay was still soft, I glued some roots made out of small  twigs on the base of the tree and pressed them gently in the clay. Then I sealed them with white glue.

While the clay was drying I prepared the tree. I bend it into shape and glued some foliage on it. Then I soaked it with a mix of white glue and water and let it dry over night. Lastly I painted the trunk.

After the clay dried I covered the base with white glue and applied some sand.

Now some painting. I painted the Buddha dark grey and dry brushed him light grey. After that I gave him a brown and a green wash. In a final step I dry brushed him with bonewhite. The earth is just painted brown and dry brushed beige.

After that I applied different flocks and teas (black, green, peppermint and nettle) on the base.

Finally I applied clump foliage, grass tufts, some bushes (which are made from this plastic grass matt thingys) and the tree.

There it is.


  1. What a peaceful atmosphere...great job!

  2. I love it, it's a great idea many of us will steal.